BWF World Badminton Championships 2011: Live Streaming

Schedules :

Received confirmation from BWF announcing that the streaming will only available in selected country. In other words the streaming is GEOBLOCK and Malaysia is one of the country listed under the GEOBLOCK.

Finals - Aug 14 7:00 PM


  1. All the links are not working..

  2. Yah, BWF did not air it LIVE. Whoever is using this link can't see a thing. But I think Round 16, Quarter, Semi and Final sure have.

    Check it out later and sorry for the trouble.


  3. What the hack happen? The streaming is not working again. Thank you BWF for your empty promises. If you not going to stream it LIVE, please do not display it on your website. You are giving the fans empty hope and feeling frustrated.

  4. There is geo-block. Read below:-