We would like to welcome all team leaders and participants to take part in the Players Verification which will start from 22ND APRIL 2013 till 1ST MAY 2013. If you do have any issue about any of the players status kindly send your inquiries to admin@modesliga.com.my. Please be reminded any complaint should come with necessary evidence or else it would not be entertain.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and participation in this exercise.

The organizer are very disappointed after 2 seasons when we start to ask for players photo and multiple time to advise those team leaders to start early collecting players photo, still we cannot avoid team to submit the photos late.

I hereby announce, for team who have fail to submit the complete players photo and details before 27TH APRIL 2013, we will automatically deduct RM100.00 from your DEPOSIT as a penalty.

Where modes is our priority

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