We are proud to bring it to you, the Modesliga Badminton League 2013 (SUBANG ZONE) Rules & Regulations. The document can be downloaded from the Modesliga website at side bar.
Key changes :
1) (NEW) 2. i) Once the players have make 3 appearances (grace period) for their respective team no further complain will be entertain even the players name are incomplete, wrong full name, ID number or photo.
2) (NEW) 2. j) No grace period apply for players level change from non ELITE to ELITE.
3) (NEW) 2. o) For late submission of players details and photos after the given dateline, a RM50.00 will be deducted from the team DEPOSIT and subsequent delay RM50.00 will be deducted from the team deposit EACH DAY. Team must top up deposit back to RM300.00 immediately before they could be allow to play in the league. Failing to do so, the organizer will have the right to disqualify the team from participating in the league.
4) (NEW) 3. h) Official complaint should be submitted to the organizer within 72 HOURS after the session/match day is completed if any team are found wrongly categories their player, fielding an unregistered player or etc. during the session/match day. The session/match day is deem to be over at 11.00PM although some matches might proceed beyond this time. Any complaint after this grace period will not be entertain. For the FINAL session/match day of the season, any official complaint should be submitted on that day itself before all matches are completed. A total amount of RM100.00 (One Hundred Ringgit Malaysia) none refundable fee apply.
5) (CHANGE) 4. b) Players who name are found in the Tournament Software website ( participating in any of the tournament organized by Badminton Association Of Malaysia (BAM) tournament such as National Senior or Junior circuit, SUKMA and etc. The tournaments must be held in the year 2013 and beyond until the end of the league.
6) (CHANGE) 4. f) For players who participated in a junior, senior or even veteran international tournament organized by Badminton World Federation or Badminton Asia Confederation and was held outside of his/her native country, he/she will be consider as an ELITE player. The organizer will not accept any written official letter from any association to prove that the players is not a national players or players was sponsored or funded themselve to take part in this tournament.
7) (CHANGE) 6. a) IX) Veteran players are allow to play Open, Mixed Open Double and Junior Veteran category. Junior Veteran category are allow to play in Open and Mixed Open Double categories but not the Veteran category.
League Name : Modesliga Badminton League (SUBANG ZONE)
Kick Off Date : 28th September 2013
Venue             : Suria Sports Badminton Centre
Address          : Lot 677 Persiaran Subang Permai USJ 1
                         47600 Petaling Jaya
                         Selangor Darul Ehsan
Day                : Saturday
Time              : 8.00pm - 11.00pm
We would like to remind all the team to get all the player information and PHOTO ready as we have now apply penalty for late submission. The registration will not be complete if the photos are not submitted.

For each team registration, a refundable deposit of RM300.00 and RM100.00 registration fees which totaling an amoung of RM400.00 need to be submitted.

Thank you very much and have a modes day.

Where modes is our priority

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