We have received feedback from some quarters regarding the League Table points system. We think there is a necessary to explain on why such points system are in place.

For you information, the system was already in place since our first season back in year 2010 and it is always stated in our Rules & Regulations. We are surprise and shock that some players or even team leaders still did not know how the system works or even such points system have been in place.

Before any of the season start since the 2nd season, we do have a captains or team managers meeting to go through the Rules & Regulations. At the same time we also allow team mangers to voice out they disagreement on any of the Rules & Regulations and usually issue are settle via voting from all team leaders attend during the meeting. Once everyone agreed, the Rules & Regulations is bind and final except for some minor changes deem necessary by the organizer that won't not cause a big impact on the current team standing in the league table.

We will not further explain on how the league table points system works as it is stated in the R&R. We will now explain why we have choose this points scoring system and have been using it since the first installation of the league. For your information, AXIATA CUP 2013 are using the similar points system in the group stages.

1) All 5 matches played each session is deem to be important to the team. Each matches will score a points for the team. Players playing at the 4th & 5th pairs are still important although their team already leading the tie by 3-0.

2) To be a champion, team need to be consistent throughout the season. Winning the important encounter or every tie does not guarantee the team as champion.

Some suggest we should refer to the TIE won rather than the MATCH won as the first criteria in the league table system. Now we would like to let you know why this system is not suitable for the league.

1) Once any team within the tie have won 3-0, the others 2 games will be not important anymore. So why play that remaining 2 games. The last 2 pairs players will be wasting their time coming all the way to the venue knowing they are not required to play. If they do play their match it is not important as it does not bring any weight to the final outcome. How do the spectators feel gearing up for 5 great matches finally ended up with only 3 matches?

2) For those stronger team when match up against a weaker team, they could just send 3 pairs of players to secure the tie by winning 3-2 and WALKOVER the remaining 2 pairs.  This system will definitely increase the number WALKOVER matches. Why do the participants join the league if they always did not get the chance to play. This is not healthy to the league, sponsors, participants or even spectators.

3) It does not reflect the strength of the team as a whole. Team will need to have 3 pairs of formidable players to win the league. This 3 pairs keep on winning all the ties and WALKOVER the remaining 2 matches.

However the TIE decided is suitable for matches in the KNOCK OUT STAGE.

We would like to advise team leaders, captains and players please do not let your frustration, agony and anger towards the organizer. If you have any issue or comment on the R&R, please be there during the team managers meeting which you could voice out your opinion and let the rest of the team leaders to decide. Please do not voice your anger during the progress on the league as we will not change the R&R. Because this changes  will have a big impact on the team standing in the league table.
On either we will change the points system in the next league, it is a BIG NO from the Modesliga organizer after considering the negative consequence that it will bring to Modesliga.
Thank you and have a modes day.
Where modes is our priority

For your reference. Axiata Cup 2013 result

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