Just a blink of an eye, Modesliga is now into the 3rd years since the first commence of the league on 16th October 2010. This year we have delivered on what we have promise an expansion of the league. In our mission to bring the league to the people we have successfully organized a Modesliga Badminton League in Kepong an additional to our current Subang zone. Also we have added more events during the league such as EPOS Tape free taping and consultation, INIC Sports Jewelry and Modesliga Auction in Kepong Zone. In Subang Zone we will have our first ever CHARITY DRIVE which is long overdue in our TO DO LIST to be finally come true. We will also have event such as Modesliga Auction, Modesliga Charity Auction, Musashi & Powerbar retail stand and also many more to come.

We have achieve a lot from the pass year. The league standard have also tremendously improve for the past 3 years. With no reliable reference and guidance, our R&R finally mature after 2 years of roller coaster ride. The R&R also can now also serve as a reference or guideline for others interested party who wanted to create their own league in other states or country. Our league also now have include age group to suit different type of players age. The new category such as the Junior Veteran was the first of the kind in the sport of badminton.

In year 2014 we will bring the league to another level. A level where so far have never been done by a none BAM or BAM affiliated body in Malaysia. A new era of Modesliga will have 4 ZONES. And for the very first time, Modesliga MIGHT (awaiting for sponsor confirmation) be giving our CASH as prizes in a grand slam event where all the 4 zones champions and runner up battle out to be the BEST OF THE BEST in Modesliga CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. We hope to gather everyone support to make this happen.

We will also like to say a BIG thank you to our sponsors in 2013 season, FlexPro, Powerbar, QQ (M) Sdn Bhd, VICO, Millioncolour Display Advertising, Powerful Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd, Red Bull Malaysia, Visual Connection Services, Epos Tape, Powerful Sports Arena and also Suria Sports Badminton Centre. Not to forget to all other sponsors in our previous season from our first season till today. Once again a BIG thank you.

We would also like to say a BIG thank you to our participants, team leaders, team sponsors and spectators for your support, fun, excitement, cheers, scream, joy, applause, big smashes, big players, nail biting and memorize moments and a lot more that you bring into Modeslilga. Thank you all very much and hope for your continuous support.

See you all soon in our currently Subang Zone and also many more events in the coming year 2014. Stay tune with us for more update on 2014 season.

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