21st December 2013, Saturday

Modesliga Badminton League 2013 (Subang Zone) GOLD POOL Final match between New Gen Hercules VS Racqueteer

By Columnist - K888

This was the most memorable badminton matches I’ve seen entirely in my life. It all started when I was doing nothing and I text the my friend about the finals tonight and he said to me, “Come and enjoy the show tonight”. So I thought, what the heck, give it a go and it was the best decision in my life to witness the most spectacular event for year 2013.

There I was, driving to Forum 19, the venue of the Modesliga Badminton League 2013 (Subang Zone) final. It was raining and heavy enough to stop people from going there. I persisted and finally I reached the venue at 8pm. I looked for the best seating in the arena where I could view the best smashes and drops… the front row.

The finals were between New Gen Hercules VS Racqueteer. Before the game, it was said that the favourites was New Gen Hercules while Racqueteer was the dark horse, rising from occasion to occasion to reach the finals. So I saw maybe tonight, a new champion is in the making.

The announcer finally announces the start of the game. The march in was very similar to the one we usually see in the BWF Superseries, introduction of referees and players name. The 1st men doubles was a one sided affair… so it was heard.

New Gen Hercules placed 2 of their strongest player, which are well known, having won most of their matches. Racqueteer was a pair unknown, with physique not of a badminton player. So the match began. New Gen Hercules was very fast in their push and drive shots. It was head to head for the first few points, then the tide moved. Racqueteer was controlling the net play and was superb in scoring points. Thunderous smashes from Racqueteer were unreplied and the 1st game was won by Racqueteer.

I was telling myself, my GOD… the more experience and favourite just lost their 1st game, was it a trial so that we can watch the deciding game? Were New Gen Hercules trying to test the skills of Racqueteer???... Then the 2nd game began. New Gen Hercules was leading the first few points… exciting smashes and slices. The composure and confidence of Racqueteer was going downhill. Just then, mistakes and again mistakes by New Gen Hercules pulled Racqueteer back into the game. Confidences build up once again and Racqueteer’s smashes were harder and sharper. But the experiences of New Gen Hercules managed to pull them back in but only in the riskiest of all… winning by a tight margin of 22-20.

The final decider was something unexpected….. rather than fighting neck to neck, the more experience players from New Gen Hercules was not in their normal style of playing, mistakes and mistakes kept coming. Racqueteer was pushing the much needed pressure, coupled with the crowds roaring, New Gen Hercules broke. In the bliss of a few minutes, Racqueteer was leading and moving to end the game. Voila! Racqueteer won! Unbelievable… it was fantastic, the teammates of Racqueteer was roaring with victory… a feat that only the impossible could have dreamt. The score is Racqueteer 1 point and New Gen Hercules 0 point.

Then I went on to see the veteran pair game. It was a give-away or some sort, New Gen Hercules players was not up to par. The odds were really for New Gen Hercules to win this. Racqueteer was just too good. And indeed, it was…..Racqueteer won comfortably leading on both games. So it goes, Racqueteer is leading 2-0… How will New Gen Herclues going to fair in the next match?

The 3rd match was a 50%-50% chance for both, New Gen Hercules have a good combination while Racqueteer have a pair relatively unknown off. For a mixed double game, the female player is the key to win the game. 1st game was quick, won by New Gen Hercules. Racqueteer fought back in the 2nd game and won. So it was the decider. That’s where now, experience plays the game. Racqueteer was hot favorites for the 3rd game, leading the initial points. It was then, New Gen Hercules female player turn the table on Racqueteer. She was quick on the net, tapping for winners and setting beautiful shot for her partner to win points. New Gen Hercules was on the stroll and truly enough, they struck the winning point and game. It was so intense because I was thinking, if Racqueteer would have won this match, its sayonaro for New Gen Hercules 3-0 and its enough for Racqueteer to become champion.

<PART 2 to be publish soon...>

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