21st December 2013, Saturday

Modesliga Badminton League 2013 (Subang Zone) GOLD POOL Final match between New Gen Hercules VS Racqueteer

By Columnist - K888

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A close call it was, but still Racqueteer is leading 2-1 now. Then it came to the 2nd men doubles. To me, this is a must win for New Gen Hercules to keep their flag flying. When I saw the players marching in, I myself know New Gen Hercules will win this. New Gen Hercules players are not only good, they are fast, stable, reliable and tricky. If I were to be able to place a bet on this, I will go all out. Needless to say, New Gen Hercules won in straight sets. The match was special, smashes was saved in convincing style, rallies was long, parallel shots was miraculous. Racqueteer players were just too young and fancy to take the New Gen Hercules players. And true enough, both Racqueteer youngsters lost in straight games. Congrats to New Gen Hercules. And now the playing field is leveled. 2-2 to be exact.

The crowd swell to dozens, all eyes is on the final and most important match thus far, men’s double junior veterans. To me, both doubles from Racqueteer and New Gen Hercules are equally good. Skills are the same, the only difference I personally think is lady luck. Roll call was done, players were in, and so it all began…

The 1st game was tight, point by point, Racqueteer players was taking advantage of the situation when New Gen Hercules players was trying to adjust to the game. Then suddenly, a lapse of concentration caused Racqueteer to lose precious points in their service. The shuttle kept hitting the net. Service was poor, it can’t even cross over. New Gen Hercules was chasing Racqueteer by the neck. If this persists, Racqueteer might lose. Racqueteer kept putting the pressure by smashing and putting tight net shots. Finally… Racqueteer won it… yes… at least a game on hand.

The 2nd game was different, after some strategy switching and advice from the coaches. This is what we called team spirit, 3 team mates aka coaches went to Racqueteer while New Gen Hercules have 4. Wow, can the players listen to all the talking at one go??? Who shall the players listen to??? I think the players themselves will just nod and say OK OK OK, can can can, but in reality??? They will forget…

New Gen Hercules started well and go for straight winners, gobbling points after points to lead the game by a huge margin. So I was thinking, will Racqueteer conserve energy & go all out in the decider or push hard now to chase for a chance to level back. But too late… New Gen Hercules press the super charger to boost up the points and by the time Racqueteer realized, it was won by New Gen Hercules.

The last and final game will be the decider between the runner’s up RM5K ++ prizes and champion RM30K ++ prizes. The gap is so huge and it’s a no-nonsense game anymore. Prizes are at stake now. It’s now or never.

3rd game started quick. Racqueteer was banging on the confidence boost in the 1st game and got quick points. New Gen Hercules tried to level but Racqueteer managed to maintain a healthy 3 points lead. Racqueteer was first to hit 11 points. This time around, more team mates aka coaches rushed to speak to the players. I can’t even see the actual players, just coaches… hahaha. Time’s up, no more advice, strategies etc… the match has to go on. I look at my watch, my GOD, its 12am in the morning @ 22nd Dec 2013. I have sat and enjoyed the game from 8pm till now… a grueling 4 hours.

Racqueteer was fast when it starts, points after points… then it were 18 – 11… Racqueteer team mates were roaring in style, cheers and victory was within striking distance. Racqueteer team mates was standing up, getting ready to hug the victorious pair, while New Gen Hercules was gloomy… supporters was grinning in agony… thinking 7 points gap in the decider, how to win??? This is when lady luck strikes! New Gen Hercules was gaining confidence… going after points, hungry to strike more… and soon it was leveled at 18 – 18. I said to myself… gosh! Is this happening, how could Racqueteer allowed New Gen Hercules to get 7 straight points!!! At this juncture, New Gen Hercules supporters are hot and is getting hotter, standing up to cheer for their playing team mates. Another 2 more points was won by New Gen Hercules and it put tremendous pressure on Racqueteer.

Then it all ended… joys in the New Gen Hercules camp, New Gen Hercules won 21 – 18. That is 10 straight points!!! How could this happen??? And yes it did… it really did… the most memorable miraculous fight back of all time. Racqueteer camp was stunned, barely few minutes ago, they could smell the grand prize for the champion @ RM30K and it went up in smoke. Kudos to New Gen Hercules!!! CHAMPION…

To me, I’ve withnessed the path that says, never give up in life even when you are push to the limit. As long as it is not the end, you can still do it. Credit to New Gen Hercules for a good fighting spirit and Racqueteer for their persistent energy…

Just when I was about to leave, the 3rd/4th placing have also ended. I heard it was also a fightback for Simply Smash. They were down 2-0 to Y Sports, with team spirit and support, they went to win the next 2 matches to level it and by chance, the last game was a letdown, Y Sports conceded a walk-over. So it was a remarkable 3-2 lead by Simply Smash. This is 2 mother of comeback equivalent to 1 King of all comebacks. Kudos to Modesliga… creating such exciting events is no doubt breathtaking and memorable. I will definitely come back for more… till 2014…. Cheers and take care to all modesliga participants….

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