Finally, we are honor to bring you a truly social league for the truly social players.

The Rules & Regulations are quiet similar to the existing Modesliga Badminton League except the players eligible to play in this league.

Throughout the year, we have witness countless social tournaments which disallow former state and above players to participate failed. Each time there will be ineligible participating in this tournament. Organizer are using Tournament Software to identified those ineligible players. But sadly to say, for state level, the records keeping only started in the year between 2007-2008. Other records before this are no recorded.

This issue have been around for years or maybe even decade. In this social league, we cannot guarantee we could overcome such issue but we can guarantee you that we will try our very best. For starter, we are applying a heavy penalty on team who registered any ineligible player. We also try not to raise the prizes for this social league competition that could lure ineligible players to participate. We also workout a checking procedure but we will need the cooperation of all state BA and state sports school. And believe me it is a big challenge and daunting tasks for us.

Thus we seek for your patience, understanding, cooperation, support, idea and etc. if there is any major issue occurred during the progress of the league. We take almost 2 years to stabilize the Rules & Regulations of Modesliga Badminton League. We hope we could stabilize the Rules & Regulations of Modesliga Social Badminton League in a shorter time possible.

And now we present to you the Rules & Regulations for Modesliga Social Badminton League 2014 (Subang Zone).The document can be downloaded from the Modesliga website at side bar.

We are open to any suggestion and idea to make it this league a truly social league for the social players. You could bring up your suggestion and idea during the team manager meeting which will be held after the team registration.

Brief information about the social league :

1) Deposit Fee : RM300.00
2) Registration Fee : RM150.00
3) Per Session Fee : RM100.00
4) Prizes : Only medals for the Champion, 1st Runner Up and 2nd Runner Up.
5) Appreciation Plaque & Certificate Of Participation will be given to all teams.
6) All Rules & Regulations are similar to the current Modesliga Badminton League except for the players allow.
7) Currently there is no sponsorship for this SOCIAL league.

Thank you very much and have a modes day.

Where modes is our priority

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